Carpet Cleaners Morningside

When our carpet cleaners are cleaning carpets in Morningside they use a process which involves using non toxic cleaning solutions and high powered industrial extraction machines. The results achieved by the methods we use leave our customers pleased and as the cleaning solutions are non toxic they are safe for children and pets so you don’t need to worry about them being harmful.

Our carpet cleaners can made big differences to your carpets when you use us for cleaning them, these differences include leaving them brighter and removing tough stains that you maybe previously haven’t been able to remove, stains including irn bru.

When customers in Morningside come to us for carpet cleaning our cleaners offer them transparent, fair pricing. We believe that this is what sets us apart from some other companies out there who sometimes have hidden fees in the quote that they will give you.

Carpets are left deep cleaned and deodorised by our carpet cleaners and are dry within 1-2 hours. The carpet cleaners at our company clean deep down into the fibres of your carpet leaving them looking good again.

The benefits of having carpet cleaners clean your carpets are:

  • trapped pollutants are eliminated
  • mould growth can be prevented
  • removal of dust particles

Regular vacuuming can’t remove everything, that’s why using professionals to clean your carpets in Morningside from time to time is a good decision. We also offer upholstery cleaning and sprays to keep you carpets deodorised in between cleans.

If you require further information on any of the services that our carpet cleaners offer in Morningside then contact us today.

Carpet Cleaners Leith

There are many properties in Leith, that’s why our carpet cleaners offer their services to people who live here. We are a family owned company who provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in and around Leith.

Our carpet cleaners use the latest truck mounted machinery and non toxic cleaning solutions. We are proud to say that our methods and equipment mean that we are competent in removing tough stains, including irn bru. You should give our carpet cleaners a shot before you make the choice of replacing the carpets in you home as our service produces great results and is cheaper than buying new carpets.

In using high powered industrial extraction machines we can brighten the colour of your carpets, leave them clean and deodorised, rejuvenate the pile and have them dry quickly. Our carpet cleaners have the process completed as quickly as possible so there is minimum disruption to you.

Customer service is high on our list of priorities when dealing with our customers in Leith and all over. Our carpet cleaners are helpful and friendly and are well trained in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning, this ensures that the high level of customer service expected of them is maintained. We also like to offer our customers the best prices possible and don’t have any hidden charges so the price you are given is the price that you pay. We have a pricelist available on our website so people have a rough idea of what to expect.

The carpet cleaners at our company have worked in many premises in Leith including residential and commercial properties from hotels to letting agents and restaurants. If you are needing your carpets freshened up or if you have stains that shop bought stain removers can’t take away then why not give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we can arrange a date and time to have your carpets looking good again.

Carpet Cleaning Ingliston

bedroom carpet cleaned in edinburghYour Carpets

The key to keeping your carpets clean is regular carpet cleaning. This helps to avoid loose dirt and dust from working their way into the carpet pile.

Not only will you be able to ensure that your carpets look good but you will be making sure that they last much, much longer.

Carpet Cleaners Scotland

Here at Carpet Cleaners Scotland professional carpet cleaning is our speciality. So if you are looking for the best carpet cleaners in Ingliston then you have come to the right place.

We provide our services for both domestic and commercial customers in Ingliston. We are an approved member of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association so rest-assured, you will be using a reliable company.

There are two things that we are especially proud of here at Carpet Cleaners Scotland – the punctuality and the professionalism of our carpet cleaners. When you contact us for our services you will be met with professionals who know everything that there is to know about carpets.

Our Method

We use the latest truck-mounted machinery along with cleaning products that are known for their effective results.

We don’t believe in using products that pose any danger to either children or pets. So, there are absolutely no harsh chemicals used in our process.

Our method is the preferred method in this industry. Not only can it offer quick drying times but it is the best way to clean a carpet thoroughly.

The Cost

We believe in being totally honest with all potential customers. There are a lot of carpet cleaning businesses in Ingliston and in various other areas who will quote a job and then add on hidden fees at the end – not us! The price that you are quoted from one of our carpet cleaners is the price that you will pay.


Not only can we clean your carpets but we can also advise you on the best way to care for your carpets to ensure that you are always giving the right impression to your customers or so that you have the best out of your carpets at your home.

Contact Us

Give us a call on 0800 334 5591 or 07766957642 to arrange for our team to come out to clean your carpet(s).


Carpet Cleaning Broxburn

carpet cleanedEdinburghWe are a family owned and operated company who has many years of experience in cleaning carpets for domestic and commercial customers in Broxburn.

As a company we have over a decade of experience in this industry. Investment has been made and is ongoing in both equipment and cleaning techniques to ensure that the correct industry standards are achieved and adhered to. – This ensures that our customers receive the best possible cleaning experience and remain with us.

The vast majority of our business comes from existing customers in Broxburn and through word of mouth recommendations. We would love the chance to demonstrate our skill and for you to be our next happy customer.

At our company we are proud to say that we have the best equipment in the industry and the best available approved cleaning solutions. Our cleaning products are completely safe to everyone in the household including pets so there are no harmful substances being used in our process.

Our cleaning products leave no residue and therefore don’t cause re-soiling. The method that we use also allows for quick drying times so you can expect your carpet(s) to be dry within just 1-2 hours.

Before any work is started you will be given a competitive free quote. The price that you are quoted from us is the price that you will be expected to pay, so don’t worry about there being any hidden extras.

Our book an appointment page now allows you to arrange for our carpet cleaners to come out to your property in Broxburn at a day and time that suits your needs. If you would rather give us a call then you can do so on  0800 334 5591 or 07766957642 from your mobile.


Carpet Cleaning Blackford


Over time your carpets will become stained by food or drink or by debris from outside. It is more than likely that you will have tried every product that you can think of and you still can’t get the stain out – especially if it is an Irn-Bru stain or one that has a lot of colour.

Stains can be nasty and difficult to remove and it might have got to the stage that you feel that there is absolutely no other option than to replace your carpet(s). – This is where we can help.

Family Run Carpet Cleaning Company

At our carpet cleaning business we use the latest equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your carpets are deep cleaned safelty and efficiently, leaving them looking as good as new.

Our years of experience in carpet cleaning allows us to be confident in our ability to remove even the most difficult of stains. We are currently known as the only carpet cleaning company in Blackford that can remove Irn-Bru stains from carpets!

The Benefits

Having clean carpets can transform the appearance of any room whether it’s in your home or a commercial premises. Not only will it transform the appearance but it will maintain a healthy and clean home.

Our carpet cleaning service ensures that your property is safe from dust mites, bacteria and allergens so it will have a beneficial effect on the major causes of allergies.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that you should choose us for all of your carpet cleaning needs because:

  • We have a team of experienced carpet cleaners who provide a fast and efficient service in Blackford
  • We have the best prices for our carpet cleaning service and we are completely honest about the price straight from the very start
  • Our products are safe for both children and pets, so there are no harsh chemicals used in our process
  • We are an approved member of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association

Our Aim

It is our aim to provide extraordinary domestic or commercial carpet cleaning services with integrity and commitment to the high standards of our clients in Blackford.

We are dedicated to making sure that all of our clients are given a fair, consistent service. Each of our carpet cleaners are organised, punctual and extremely professional, with them putting our clients first in every instance.

Contact Us

Contact us today and allow us to demonstrate our carpet cleaning skills.




Carpet Cleaning Dalkeith

carpet cleanedEdinburghNo matter how many times you vacuum your carpets, it only removes a fraction of the dirt, dust, dust mites and other allergens in your carpet.

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company that you can trust then give our professional trained team a call.

We are a family owned company that has been working in Dalkeith since 2000. We have worked in both residential and commercial properties, taking care of our client’s carpet cleaning requirements with dedication.

You will be thrilled to find that we provide the right combination of training, experience and the latest equipment to offer a high-quality carpet cleaning service.

Our entire team values our customer relationships and aim to surpass customers’ expectations each and every time they are working in Dalkeith.

Our method penetrates deep down into your carpet’s fibres, loosening, lifting and drawing out any embedded dirt that there is. Odours, stains, spots and allergens will all be removed from your carpet(s), leaving a brighter and deep cleaned carpet behind.

Our cleaning products don’t leave behind any sticky residues or discoloured patches. They leave behind a pleasant scent and they are safe for both children and pets!

We charge competitive prices for our carpet cleaning service and are honest about the cost from the very start. A member of our team will happily give you a free quote before any work is started, this way you will know exactly what it is going to cost.

To arrange for us to come out to your home/commercial property in Dalkeith, simply give us a call on 0800 334 5591 or 07766957642 from your mobile. Alternatively, you can book online with us.



Commercial Carpet Cleaning Musselburgh

carpet cleanedEdinburghThere are many commercial premises in Musselburgh that have carpets and it’s a well-known fact that keeping them clean and maintained can do wonders for your business.

Commercial carpet cleaning will help to improve or maintain the overall appearance of the building as dirty or poorly maintained carpets can make an office appear dirty or unkempt.

Two of the major benefits of commercial carpet cleaning include:

  • It makes a better impression – When there are clients, employees and other visitors in your premises the condition of the office will contribute to the impression that the visitors get of your company. By keeping your carpet(s) cleaned and maintained you will be able to improve the look of your carpet but it will improve the appearance of the premises as a whole
  • There is an improvement in air quality – Dust, dirt and other debris will some time or another find its way into the carpet fibres and eventually get into the air where it can not only cause odours but where it can also cause respiratory infection. Our service can remove even the most deeply embedded debris from the carpet to prevent it from getting into the air, leaving your premises free from unpleasant smells and contributing to healthier breathing air

Many companies don’t make carpet cleaning a priority or they simply do not have the equipment and cleaning products to effectively clean the carpets themselves, that’s where we come in.

We provide commercial carpet cleaning for businesses all over Musselburgh, helping to keep carpets free of stains, dirt and other debris.

With our carpet cleaning service you don’t have to worry about there being an unpleasant smell and a residue in the carpet that will attract even more dirt and debris. We use the best cleaning equipment and products that are available in our industry, those of which are known for being more effective than rented carpet cleaning machines.

Our carpet cleaners provide the highest level of customer service and clean carpets thoroughly. Throughout the entire time that they are at your premises you can expect them to be polite and respectful.

We pride ourselves on providing a service that is good value for money and we will happily give you a free quote before any work is started.

Our book an appointment page allows you to go on and select the most convenient time for our carpet cleaners to come out to your commercial premises in Musselburgh. If you have any questions about the service then feel free to ask, we would be more than happy to help.

Carpet Cleaners Musselburgh

Your carpets are a focal point of a property, whether it is your home or commercial premises.

People depend on the carpets own built-in resilience as they crush them day in and day out however they often forget that they need regular cleaning.

Here at our company our carpet cleaners have years of experience in restoring carpets to a new-like condition, making them clean, bright and most importantly healthy again.

We provide both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning and undertake jobs of all sizes in Musselburgh.

Our carpet cleaners provide the highest level of customer service whilst always incorporating the very latest cleaning equipment and techniques.

Experience has taught our carpet cleaners not to use a basic service of cleaning for a cheaper price. Instead, our carpet cleaners are equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and products to offer the deepest, most thorough and a comprehensive clean that you have ever had.

When your carpets are stained there are so many factors involved for example carpet fibre type, whether or not the spill contains dye, whether or not it was a large spill that soaked through and of course the products that the homeowner used on the stain. Our carpet cleaning service has been known to remove a lot of stains and spots including Irn-Bru stains.

When our carpet cleaners are out at properties in Musselburgh they aim to:

  • Cause minimum disruption to your life
  • Arrive on time
  • Move the furniture for you
  • Look and act professionally at all times

We are happy to give you a competitive free quote before any work is started, this way you will know exactly what it will cost.

You will hopefully notice the attention to detail that our carpet cleaners take along with their outstanding customer service. We are confident that once you start using us you will return to us time and time again for our services.

You can arrange for our carpet cleaners to come out to your home/commercial premises in Musselburgh today by using our book an appointment page.


Carpet Cleaning Danderhall

carpet cleanedEdinburghThe wrong type of carpet cleaning can shrink rugs, fade colours and leave terrible residues. Using the wrong products can harm pets and children or take days to dry, leaving your property unusable.

If you are tired of trying to find a reliable and properly equipped carpet cleaner in Danderhall then come to us.

We are a professional carpet cleaning company that has been working in both domestic and commercial properties for several years now. We undertake all size of carpet cleaning projects in Danderhall, no matter how big or how small the job may be.

Our carpet cleaners can come to your property and deal with any stain or just refresh your carpet(s) with our service.

Our team are trained professionals who are equipped with the latest equipment and the most up to date cleaning products that are available today. Our equipment and our products can achieve a deep carpet clean without it damaging your carpets.

We charge competitive prices for our carpet cleaning service and will happily give you a free quote before any work is started. There are absolutely no hidden extras in the quote that we give to you, so the price that you are quoted is the price that you can expect to pay.

Our book an appointment page now gives you the convenience of being able to go on and select a time and day that suits your needs. So if you are interested in our service for your domestic/commercial property in Danderhall then just go on and select an appointment and we can arrange to get started.




Carpet Cleaning Leith

10463984_524962157633576_8127083979881232427_nOur Company

We are a team of local carpet cleaners who provide a carpet cleaning service for both domestic and commercial customers in Leith who want their carpets to look as good as new.

Here at our company, our goal is simple – to transform the look of your carpet(s) and make them look as good as new.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Our domestic carpet cleaning service will not only restore the look of your carpet(s) but it will also help to create a healthier environment.

Pet dander, hair, stains and allergens can all be things of the past with our excellent service.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

It is important to make sure that your company building is giving out exactly the appropriate impression for both customers and employees.

Our team are the best choice when it comes to ensuring that your business premises are a comfortable, tidy, safe area to work. We have worked in hundreds of commercial premises in Leith during our time as carpet cleaners, with hotels, restaurants, letting agents and offices being just some examples of commercial premises that we are in frequently.

Competitive Prices

We charge competitive prices for our carpet cleaning service and we are always honest with our customers before work has begun. So, the price that you are quoted from us is the price that you will be expected to pay; there are no hidden extras or surprises that you have to worry about.

Our Method

We are an approved member of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. The machines that we use to clean carpets simply cannot be bought on the high street, they are industry recommended and are known for how efficient they are.

You don’t have to worry about there being any harsh chemicals being used in our process. The products that we use are safe for both children and pets.

Contact Us

Just contact us today to arrange for us to come out to your home/commercial premises in Leith to clean your carpet(s). We will discuss the different appointments that we have and make sure that you’re booked in at a time that’s convenient for you.