Carpet Cleaners Morningside

When our carpet cleaners are cleaning carpets in Morningside they use a process which involves using non toxic cleaning solutions and high powered industrial extraction machines. The results achieved by the methods we use leave our customers pleased and as the cleaning solutions are non toxic they are safe for children and pets so you don’t need to worry about them being harmful.

Our carpet cleaners can made big differences to your carpets when you use us for cleaning them, these differences include leaving them brighter and removing tough stains that you maybe previously haven’t been able to remove, stains including irn bru.

When customers in Morningside come to us for carpet cleaning our cleaners offer them transparent, fair pricing. We believe that this is what sets us apart from some other companies out there who sometimes have hidden fees in the quote that they will give you.

Carpets are left deep cleaned and deodorised by our carpet cleaners and are dry within 1-2 hours. The carpet cleaners at our company clean deep down into the fibres of your carpet leaving them looking good again.

The benefits of having carpet cleaners clean your carpets are:

  • trapped pollutants are eliminated
  • mould growth can be prevented
  • removal of dust particles

Regular vacuuming can’t remove everything, that’s why using professionals to clean your carpets in Morningside from time to time is a good decision. We also offer upholstery cleaning and sprays to keep you carpets deodorised in between cleans.

If you require further information on any of the services that our carpet cleaners offer in Morningside then contact us today.

Carpet Cleaners Leith

There are many properties in Leith, that’s why our carpet cleaners offer their services to people who live here. We are a family owned company who provide professional carpet and upholstery cleaning services in and around Leith.

Our carpet cleaners use the latest truck mounted machinery and non toxic cleaning solutions. We are proud to say that our methods and equipment mean that we are competent in removing tough stains, including irn bru. You should give our carpet cleaners a shot before you make the choice of replacing the carpets in you home as our service produces great results and is cheaper than buying new carpets.

In using high powered industrial extraction machines we can brighten the colour of your carpets, leave them clean and deodorised, rejuvenate the pile and have them dry quickly. Our carpet cleaners have the process completed as quickly as possible so there is minimum disruption to you.

Customer service is high on our list of priorities when dealing with our customers in Leith and all over. Our carpet cleaners are helpful and friendly and are well trained in all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning, this ensures that the high level of customer service expected of them is maintained. We also like to offer our customers the best prices possible and don’t have any hidden charges so the price you are given is the price that you pay. We have a pricelist available on our website so people have a rough idea of what to expect.

The carpet cleaners at our company have worked in many premises in Leith including residential and commercial properties from hotels to letting agents and restaurants. If you are needing your carpets freshened up or if you have stains that shop bought stain removers can’t take away then why not give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we can arrange a date and time to have your carpets looking good again.